NEWPROMax Series Windows

The NEWPRO MAX series of replacement windows is the best option for Greater Boston and New England homeowners looking for stylish, durable, and high-performance new windows. The task of transforming your Massachusetts home and reinventing its standard of comfort and functionality is easier than ever when working alongside NEWPRO’s window replacement specialists. Our dedicated team also offers a variety of window designs to choose from based on your budget and installation needs. These patented window models are also incredibly energy efficient and protected by our comprehensive warranty.

Some of our most popular offerings include:

  • EcoMAX Windows: HeatSeal Spacer technology and quality glass merge to create this energy-efficient window series.
  • UltraMAX Windows: NEWPRO’s flagship windows have all of the same features as our EcoMAX series but with the added benefits of material upgrades and a ThruVision PLUS Screen.
  • SuperMAX Windows: A true top-of-the-line series, SuperMAX replacement windows take the lead in energy efficiency and durability.

Durable Replacement Windows and Beautiful Design

New windows should be as beautiful as they are durable. That’s why our NEWPRO MAX series offers a range of customizable design options. Compliment your Boston home’s decor with the following features:

  • Welded Celuca™ Sash & Frame: Beautiful sightlines and a classic aesthetic come together to create a traditional look with a modern edge.
  • ThruVision PLUS Screen: NEWPRO MAX series windows feature ThruVision PLUS screens to provide sharper, more vivid visibility.
  • Interior Wood Options: Choose from four hardwood finishes to create custom replacement windows that complement the interior of your New England home.
  • Exterior Colors: Our new windows come in eight exterior color options to ensure that they can seamlessly compliment the aesthetic of virtually any home exterior.
  • Hardware Finishes: From classic white to modern brushed nickel, NEWPRO’s vast selection allows homeowners to coordinate their finish with the rest of their fixtures.
  • Simulated Divided Light: With numerous decorative grid options, it’s simpler than ever to add timeless character to your windows.

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