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  • Ironclad Warranties
  • 75+ Years of Experience
  • Custom, Time-Tested Products
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The Ultimate Protection for Your Home
Performance Shingle Roofing
50% OFF
18 months no interest or payments**
*Offer ends July 31, 2024
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By clicking Get a Free Quote, you authorize NEWPRO Home Solutions to reach out to you with questions about your project, via phone, email, or text. Message/data rates apply. Consent is not a condition of purchase. You may unsubscribe at any time. Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy.

  • Ironclad Warranties
  • 75+ Years of Experience
  • Custom, Time-Tested Products
The Ultimate Protection for Your Home

Performance Shingle Roofing

Nothing does more to protect your home against the elements than its roofing system.

Through scorching summers and icy winters, your roof must stand strong, as even the slightest damage can cause leaks and other costly problems. At NEWPRO, we understand that feeling safe and secure in your home is priceless. As your roofing company, we’ll provide shingle roofing products and installation with quality that reflects our more than 75 years of experience.

  • Benefits of NEWPRO MAX-Protect Roofing

  • Feel Safe & Secure
    Our specialty roofing shingles are heavier and thicker than standard products to provide superior protection and resistance to weathering.
  • Enhance Your Home’s Style
    Featuring a bold architectural design and available in a variety of colors, our roofing products will help revitalize your home’s exterior.
  • Have Peace of Mind
    Feel secure in your roof replacement investment knowing that the roofing system is backed by a 50-Year ironclad warranty.

Roof Replacement

Upgrade Your Home’s Ultimate Defender

NEWPRO MAX-Protect roofing is designed to perform on New England homes and will stand strong for decades without a hint of deterioration.

Learn all about our roofing company’s shingles, design options, and installation process.

NEWPRO Max-Protect Roofing System

5-Component Roofing System

We have more than 75 years of home improvement experience, and we will provide your home with the best 5-component roof on the market.

NEWPRO Max-Composite Roofing

A Unique Alternative

Max-Composite Roofing is an environmentally friendly composite roofing product that mimics the look of natural slate.

Roof Design

Professional Roof Design Assistance

Choosing the type and color of shingle that will be best for your New England home is an important step. Our design team will help you choose shingles that will provide your home with optimal protection and the most appealing aesthetic.

Roof Shingles

Top-Quality Roof Systems

The NEWPRO Roofing System utilizes the most attractive and durable shingles on the market, so you know your home will be protected for many years to come. Our shingles are thicker, heavier, and have higher wind ratings than standard shingles.

Roof Installation

Exceptional Roofing Installation Services

We have earned awards for the quality of the work we provide as well as our level of customer care. With our professionals handling the job, you can count on your roof installation to be completed without a hitch.

Roof Performance

Designed to Protect New England Homes

The roofs we install outperform those of our competitors thanks to the precise craftsmanship and outstanding products we offer.

Styles & Finishes

Architecturally Stunning Roofing Options



Duration® Series Shingles are unrivaled by any other architectural shingles because they feature our patented SureNail® Technology – a technological breakthrough in shingle design.

The Series highlights our popular Duration® Shingles, along with up to 7 other Duration styles, depending on where you live, that feature unique performance characteristics. It’s no wonder why 9 out 10 professional roofing contractors prefer to install Duration® Series Shingles with SureNail® Technology.


Duration Designer

Searching for even bolder shingle colors for your roof? Discover the rich palette of colors available in our TruDefinition® Duration® Designer line. Duration® Designer shingles feature high contrast tones of unique color blends for a distinctive view from the curb.


Duration Flex

Duration FLEX® is our Class 4 impact-resistant, SBS polymer-modified asphalt shingle. The rubberizing effect of our uniquely blended SBS modified asphalt makes the shingles pliable and gives them greater flexibility than standard shingles. And that flexibility helps them resist cracking and tearing in all weather conditions, like cold weather.



Oakridge® laminated shingles provide premium protection and impressive curb appeal. A full double layer in the nailing zone gives Oakridge® Shingles greater integrity and better holding power compared to shingles with single layer wide nail zones. We proved it in testing. And the warm, inviting look in popular colors provide a step-up from traditional three-tab shingles.


Composite Slate

Manufactured using post-industrial recycled rubber and plastics, Max-Composite Roofing bears an uncanny resemblance to natural slate when installed and looks even more natural after years of exposure to the elements. It’s mold and algae resistant and offers outstanding protection against heavy rains, hail, snow, fire, extreme temperature changes, and the sun’s UV rays. It also exceeds industry performance standards and is available in two shingle widths and multiple style accents and colors, so you can choose the option that best complements your home’s exterior architecture.


Alpine Metal Roofing

NEWPRO’s exclusive Alpine Metal Roofing offers beautiful aesthetics and long-term performance characteristics, particularly their strength, durability and low maintenance. Their high recycled content, total recyclability and energy efficiency allow “cool metal roofs” to play a pivotal role in meeting Energy Star and LEED requirements.

Visualize Your New Roof

Taking the Guesswork Out of Custom Roof Design

Using the latest technology, you and your designer will work together to create a roofing system that you absolutely love.

Our technology enables:

  • 3D Renderings
    You’ll be able to see exactly what your new roofing system will look like on your home.
  • Precise Measurements
    Exceptional accuracy ensures that your new roof will be fitted to the exact dimensions of your home.

Put Your Roof Replacement in the Hands of Experienced Experts

When you choose us as your roofing company, you can expect excellence.

With more than 75 years of experience replacing roofs on New England Homes, NEWPRO has maintained a reputation for making the roofing process seamless for our customers.

Step 1
Meet Your NEWPRO Roofing Designer
Get a free, no-obligation quote and learn all about the benefits of MAX-Protect Roofing during your complimentary consultation.
Step 2
Design Your New Roof
NEWPRO will help you select the right style and color for your roof to perfectly complement your home’s exterior design.
Precise Installation
Our team of installers will install your roof to the highest standards in as little as one day.

Featured Testimonials

Roof Replacement

The work is awesome and they know what they're doing.

I don't have to worry, I have the assurance from NEWPRO. If you need a new roof, please call NEWPRO!

Hyde Park, MA

A Reputation You Can Trust

It’s easy to see what makes NEWPRO New England’s go-to home improvement company.

  • Since 1945third-generation, family-operated
  • 350k+ Smilesby happy homeowners in the New England area
  • 75+ Yearsof quality home remodeling
  • 300+ Expertsat your service
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Roofing Articles

Learn how to select a new roof for your home, proper maintenance procedures, and more through our curated selection of roofing blogs.

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Frequently Asked Questions


If you're taking on a roof replacement project, you surely have questions. Take the first step by reading through our FAQs.

If you’re considering a roof replacement, you might be anxious about your home becoming a construction site. Fortunately, the roof replacement process isn’t a long one.

When you partner with NEWPRO, you can usually expect your roofing project to be completed in just one or two days. Of course, timelines can vary based on factors such as home size and style. However, NEWPRO fits the size of the crew to the size of the job and works continuously on each project until it is complete.

There is no fixed cost for a roof replacement project.

When budgeting your roofing project, you’ll want to consider more than just upfront costs. Companies that offer cut-rate prices will neglect to tell you that your roof will likely need frequent repairs and may need to be replaced again in as little as 15 years. However, when you partner with NEWPRO, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll receive a roof that will last for as long as you own your home, so you won’t have to worry about unexpected costs in the future. Key factors that can affect the price of roof replacement include:

  • The size and style of your home
  • The quality of roofing shingles you choose
  • Unexpected complications, such as wood rot

Some signs of roof damage are obvious, and others are more subtle.

It’s important to identify and address roof damage quickly to prevent problems from spreading and becoming more costly to repair. Keep an eye out for:

  • Water stains on your ceilings
  • Cracked, buckling, or missing shingles
  • Excessive granules from asphalt shingles on the ground or in gutters
  • Damaged flashing

Yes! In fact, winter is a great time to tackle your roof replacement project.

At NEWPRO, we’re proud to provide our expert roofing services year-round. Many homeowners think that snow and cold temperatures prevent installers from being able to perform exterior renovations in the winter. This is a misconception. In New England, temperatures rarely drop low enough to prevent roofers from doing their jobs, and snow can easily be brushed off the roof.

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