At NEWPRO, giving back is part of our culture.

New England homeowners have welcomed us into their homes for 75 years and we owe it to our community to give back.

Over the years NEWPRO has supported many causes and those in need with exceptional products and services that could benefit and improve lives and homes. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve.

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Healthcare Heros 2020

We’ve selected our 5 healthcare heros!

What is “Healthcare Heros” Program all about?

In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, NEWPRO launched giving-back initiative with the goal to reward frontline healthcare workers and first responders with the gift of a new bath or shower to provide some comfort in return for all the comfort they provide fighting the COVID-19 battle every day. The NEWPRO Healthcare Heroes Program was promoted through TV ads and social channels with a call for nominations to select five outstanding recipients to receive this gift of comfort in the form of a new shower or bath.  

NEWPRO received over one thousand nominations from all over New England. After careful review and consideration, five finalists were selected and announced. These finalists were nominated by friends and family with stories that were compelling and deserving of a bath or shower transformation.

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Baths for the Brave 2019

Jerry Crocker, USMC & DETECTIVE

Congratulations to our 3rd annual Baths For The Brave recipient, Jerry Crocker!

Jerry Crocker, a 36-year retired officer of the Burlington Police department, and a USMC veteran was selected to receive a brand new FREE shower system to assist him and Jeanne with his Parkinson’s disease. Jerry’s disbelief over his selection for this year’s Baths For The Brave national initiative is consistent with those who are serving or who have served in the armed forces and as first responders. NEWPRO and Baths For The Brave are incredibly honored to continue the tradition of honoring our veterans and their sacrifice for their country.

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NEWPRO Cares Recipient – March 2019

Uda and her son, Okeito

Meet Uda and her son, Okeito, of Randolph, MA who were selected by NEWPRO to receive a new bath to accommodate Okeito’s injuries.

In 2009, Uda’s Son, Okeito sustained an unfortunate life-changing injury to his spinal cord leaving him partially paralyzed.  His mom, his caretaker, and mother, nominated her son to receive the NEWPROcares award – a safe bathing option. When Uda learned of the NEWPROcares initiative, she submitted a letter of nomination qualifying her family for the gift of a safe bathing solution. Once we read her story, it was an easy decision. NEWPRO had to help.

Please take a moment to listen to their story as it was one of the most touching stories to date.

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Baths for the Brave 2018


Amal Wing was selected by NEWPRO for this year’s 2nd Annual Baths for the Brave event.

Amal is a Marine Corp. veteran who served from 2009-2013 including Operation Enduring Freedom from February 2011 to February 2012 in Afghanistan. Once she returned home, she continued to serve others as a Reserve Police Officer for the Lancaster Police Department. Amal was discharged from the Marines due to a hip injury while in Afghanistan – she has been participating in physical therapy for years. Her condition causes chronic and intense pain as well as tingling and numbness in her right leg.

Amal is so grateful that her father-in-law, a NEWPRO customer, nominated her for this recognition and gift of safe and healthy bathing. She states, “Companies like NEWPRO and people who think about veterans after their time in the service, make a difference in our lives, especially in mine. It makes me feel so humbled to know people care.”

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Baths for the Brave 2017 


Ryan Bugler was selected by NEWPRO for this year’s first-ever Baths for the Brave event.

Ryan is a Marine Corp. veteran, who joined the service right out of high school. Once he returned home, he continued to serve others as a firefighter and paramedic, and it was while on that job that he suffered a life-altering injury. He uses a service dog, a 5-year-old black lab named Noonan, to help him get around his home, which is an everyday struggle.

“I was about ready to take a saw to the bathtub to create the opening for easier and safer access,” said Ryan. “This will mean independence and freedom in my home.”

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Boston Strong  — Marathon Survivor

Marc Fucarile was selected by NEWPRO to receive a free walk-in shower

NEWPRO is proud to be able to help Marc Fucarile, a Boston marathon survivor, by providing bathroom remodeling services to make daily life a little easier.

You Can Help NEWPRO Give Back

NEWPROCares is giving away a bath or shower system to a deserving New England homeowner, but we need your help!

Do you know a homeowner who has selflessly served our country, community, or their family and could benefit form a new bath or shower system?

Who qualifies for the NEWPRO bath or shower system giveaway?

We are looking to improve the quality of “bathing life” for a New England homeowner who is known for their selfless giving. When you give, you receive, and NEWPROCares wants to pay it forward to a recipient who has earned this gift of bath safety!

Every quarter, NEWPRO commits to giving back to a homeowner in need – a local veteran who has served our country, a deserving New Englander who has served our community, or someone who doesn’t have the financial means but could benefit from a NEWPRO bath or shower system.

Here’s How to Nominate a Candidate

Email and describe why this person deserves to be a NEWPROcares recipient. Include any service – military or other – health conditions, special needs, volunteer efforts, etc.

Rules and Restrictions

Rules and restrictions apply. Recipients must own the home they live in and it must be located in the NEWPRO serving territories. All finalists will be contacted and an onsite inspection and interview will be conducted prior to final selection.

Bath space must have existing plumbing and the new tub or shower is replacing an existing unit. New construction excluded.


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