Why Are My Windows”Stuck” and How Do I Fix Them?

Old windows can be incredibly difficult to open. The older they get, the harder it can become, until it’s impossible to crack the window to allow the fresh air in any longer. But why is this?

Reasons Old Windows No Longer Open

There are many different reasons a window may no longer open or become difficult to open with time. A few of these reasons might include:

  • Older materials are not as high-quality. They can expand, shrink, and settle over time.
  • When older homes “settle,” they can shift your windows out of proper alignment.
  • The windows have not been opened often enough to stay lubricated.
  • They may have been difficult to open from the very beginning due to the way the home and windows were originally constructed.

When windows are difficult to open, many people look towards temporary solutions. These might include greasing the window with natural or chemical solutions. But these are only TEMPORARY fixes and they aren’t going to solve the problem indefinitely.

The only way to fix the issue of old, stuck windows is to replace them. But how can you be sure it’s time to replace those old windows?

Signs You Need New Windows

There are many signs that your windows need to be replaced. Obviously, heavy friction when opening your windows is one major sign. A few other signs might include:

  • Windows let in cold drafts during the winter.
  • Air conditioning escapes through the windows in the summer.
  • Utility costs are higher than you think they should be.
  • The glass easily becomes fogged.
  • There are cracks or chips in the window pane.
  • There are any gaps – large or small – in where the window fits into the frame.

Replacing Windows: Why It’s Important

You may be wondering why replacing old windows which are stuck is important. The simple answer is that stuck windows pose a huge safety hazard. In addition to disallowing escape from the home in the event of a fire or other natural hazard, trying to pull on these windows could strain a person’s back. This risk is increased in older individuals or those with physical limitations.

Also, old, stuck windows may  increase utility costs, which can cause significant financial stress over the long term.

NEWPRO: A Better Option

Small fixes to damaged windows will only kick the can down the road. Instead, you should opt to replace your old windows with high quality products that include a lifetime warranty.

NEWPRO windows are constructed with durable materials meant to last forever – and the incredible warranty which comes with them is proof of this. Advanced glass technology  ensures no energy costs escape through the pane. Air-tight casements ensure there is a tight fit every time!

Benefits of NEWPRO Windows

When compared to traditional windows, NEWPRO windows carry significant benefits. These include:

  • Double-hung windows feature tilt-in functionality so you can clean both sides of the window from the inside of your home.
  • They are highly energy efficient for ultimate utility savings.
  • Windows are significantly easier to open with state of the art construction and engineering.
  • Windows are modernly designed and stylish adding to the general aesthetic and appeal of your home.
  • No more leaks, thanks to durable materials, construction and installation methods.
  • Amazing warranties included to give you peace of mind.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed – in not just the windows, but the provided service and customer experience overall!

NEWPRO has been family-owned and operated in New England for more than seventy years. If you’d like more information on windows or other home improvement items contact us today. We’d love to help!

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