What is the difference between a Bay and Bow window?

In this post, you will learn what the difference is between a bay and bow window [5 min read]

Most homes in New England include a feature window. A feature window is typically the largest window in the home and usually much wider than it is tall. These are called either a bow window or a bay window. In this post, you will learn the key differences between the two window styles, as well as watch a recent transformation video showing the differences!

vector image of a bay window - one center picture window, two windows on either sideBAY WINDOWS

Traditional bay windows are made from three units, usually with one large picture window flanked by two operating windows. The most popular combinations consist of double hung or casement style flanking windows. All the units can be stationary, operating, or any combination of the two.



vector image of a bow window, which is comprised of 4 or more windows


A Bow window is traditionally made of four or more windows joined together to form a delicate arch. A Bow can consist of any combination of windows such as casement windows, double hungs and picture windows.  It is all up to the existing opening in your home and your design ideas! NEWPRO can work with you and your family to custom design your bow replacement window.

The benefits of replacing or considering a bay or bow window

  • A bay or bow window enhances a home’s appearance both on the interior and exterior.
  • Three-dimensional windows will make a room appear to be more spacious and add curb appeal to the exterior. The dimensional shape also adds depth to the opening providing increased ventilation, light and outside viewing area.
  • Our elegant windows take on the appearance of a fine piece of furniture and become the focal point of the room.
  • NEWPRO offers the largest selection of specialty window options, stains, finishes, and accessories to make sure their dream window includes everything they’ve always wanted!

Below you can watch a recent window installation video. NEWPRO removed a bow window and replaced it with a new construction bay window!

Bay to Bow Window Transformation


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