What are the different types of windows for houses?

In this post, you will learn about the different styles and types of windows that are popular in New England homes. [10 min read]

There are 10 types of windows you may find as you drive through neighborhoods in and around New England. Some window types are more popular than others, but often, you will find at least 2-4 different styles of window even in your own home!

We don’t expect our homeowners to be window experts, so we’ve taken some time to combine the most popular window styles, and how you can identify them in your own home with illustrations below.

Awning Window: An awning window has a top sash that is hinged and opens by pivoting outward from the bottom using a crank handle.



Bay Window: A traditional bay window is made from three units with one large picture window flanked by two operating windows. The most popular combinations consist of double-hung or casement style flanking windows. All the units can be stationary, operating, or any combination of the two.


vector image of a bow window, which is comprised of 4 or more windowsBow Window: A typical bow window is made of four or more windows joined to form a delicate arch. A bow window can consist of any combination of windows!



Casement Window: A casement window is hinged on either side, so it opens outward in a swinging motion to provide maximum ventilation. It is one of the most popular windows today!



Double-Hung Window: A double-hung window is the most popular window you’ll see in every home. It consists of two sashes operating in a master frame where both the upper and lower halves slide vertically past each other and both tilt in for cleaning.



Picture Window: A picture window is a fixed window that does not open for ventilation but allows for larger viewing. Our NEWPRO picture windows feature less frame and more glass compared to our competitors. Our picture windows can be customized and shape.



Hopper Window: A hopper window is typically found in basements, where the sash is hinged at the bottom and pulls inward for opening, allowing for airflow and ventilation in smaller areas.



Shape Window: A shape window is similar to a picture window – these types of windows do not open but are more for the design and style of the home. NEWPRO offers several shapes, sizes, and custom options for shape windows – offering the best selection and the best energy-efficient windows on the market!


Single-Hung Window:  A single hung is a window consisting of two sashes where the upper sash is fixed, and the bottom sash moves up and down as well as tilts in for cleaning. These are less popular than the double-hung window mentioned above, simply because it offers less versatility.


Slider Window: A slider window consists of two or more sashes that operate by sliding horizontally past each other. These are usually found in living spaces, porches, and kitchens!


Our distinct lines of NEWPRO MAX Series windows are manufactured exclusively for New England homes.

    • EcoMAX windows – HeatSeal Spacer technology and quality glass merge to create this energy-efficient window.
    • SuperMAX windows – NEWPRO’s flagship windows have all the same features as our EcoMAX windows but with the added benefits of material upgrades.
    • UltraMAX windows – A true, top-of-the-line offering, UltraMAX replacement windows provide unmatched energy efficiency and durability.

Give us a call today to learn more about the innovative NEWPRO MAX Series replacement windows or fill out our online form to request your free, no-obligation estimate today. We’d love to speak to you!

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