Preparing Your Home for Colder Weather

Winter PreparationsKeeping the cold out of your home during the winter months is important for your family’s comfort as well as your energy bills. If you’re trying to win the battle against drafts, heat transfer, and other factors that can hurt your home’s winter energy efficiency, there are several steps you can take to better winterize your home:

Do an Inspection

There are several areas of your home you should check as winter approaches. Look for:

  • Gaps around windows and doors where air can escape
  • Damaged or missing roof shingles
  • Spots in your attic where you can see light shining in
  • Vents that were opened for the warmer months

There are a variety of additional steps you can take to prepare for winter, including cleaning out your gutters and downspouts, replacing the filter in your furnace, and disconnecting hoses from outside faucets. You may also want to test your heating system to ensure it will be ready when called upon.

Is it Time for Some Needed Home Upgrades?

If you’re tired of trying to find short-term fixes for drafty windows and doors, or you want your home to achieve maximum energy efficiency, look to the home improvement professionals at NEWPRO. We’ve been serving New England homeowners since 1945 and offer energy-efficient window, door, siding, and roofing options that will shorten the checklist for your annual ritual of preparing your home for winter. We offer:

Entry, Patio & Storm Doors

Exterior doors are usually some of the biggest culprits when your home’s energy efficiency is being hurt by air drafts. We offer fiberglass and steel entry doors that are custom manufactured to provide a perfect, air-tight fit for your home. We also offer sliding and French patio doors that are engineered for energy efficiency, as well as storm doors that add an extra layer of protection against heat loss.

Replacement Windows

Our NEWPRO MAX Series windows offer industry-leading energy efficiency. We offer three product lines—EcoMAX, SuperMAX, and UltraMAX—to ensure that there’s an option to fit every budget. All our windows feature frames made from Celuca, a material that is more than 200% more energy-efficient than vinyl.

Vinyl & Composite Siding

We install options in siding to support your designer dreams and to provide energy efficiency and savings year-round. Both of our siding options are installed over Neopor®, which increases thermal performance and helps keep moisture out.

The Max-Protect Roofing System

Our five-component roofing system includes shingles that are thicker and heavier than standard roofing products, ensuring a roof that will provide decades of performance. We’ll give your home a new roof that helps keep temperatures stable within your home.

Stop relying on cold-weather home maintenance tips. Instead, ensure your New England home is ready for whatever Mother Nature offers by partnering with the improvement experts at NEWPRO. We’ll provide a free inspection, make project suggestions, and help you choose the upgrades that best fit your priorities and budget. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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