4 of the Most Popular Bath & Shower Conversion Installations for New England Homes

If you’re like most New England homeowners, your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. Also, next to your kitchen, it’s the room that potential buyers inspect the most and has the most upside as a home improvement investment. Does your bathroom need an update? One of the main bathroom remodeling projects is a shower and/or bathtub conversion. Here are four of the most

popular New England shower/tub conversion installations, along with some considerations and warnings:

  1. Bath to Shower Conversion

If you’ve stayed in a hotel recently, you’ve probably noticed how showers are replacing tubs. This trend is also true for residential bathrooms. While some people just want to make a bathroom look more stylish and sophisticated, others convert their tub into a shower for safety reasons. For example, if you’ve had a recent hip or knee replacement and are uneasy about getting in and out of a tub, this is a good choice.

  1. Shower to Bath Conversion

Another popular bathroom remodel is a shower to bath conversion. Often, families with small children need a tub for bathing their kids. Others prefer tubs to showers because they enjoy soaking in a tub after a long, hectic workday (we don’t blame you!). Think about how a shower can require more maintenance than a bathtub. Another drawback of a shower is that it’s easy for water to spray onto a floor, potentially making a surface slippery and hazardous.

  1. Shower or Tub to Walk-In Bath Conversion

Many older or disabled people who are worried about slipping in a shower are converting their showers into walk-in tubs. These bathtubs include doors on a tub’s exterior side for opening and closing. Another feature is that they’re specially designed for preventing slipping. You can read more about our Kohler walk-in bathtub here, which includes several safety features, such as slip-resistant surfaces, a 3-inch barrier for entry, and indented safety handrails.

  1. Standard Shower or Tub to Neo-Angle Shower

We can also convert your standard shower or tub into a neo-angle shower. Also known as a corner entry shower or corner shower, a neo-angle shower has continued to become more and more popular throughout the last few years. This type of shower is especially beneficial maximizing the space in a smaller bathroom, making it popular in Colonial New England homes. Along with saving floor space, it will give your bathroom an airy, open feeling.

Considerations and Warnings

  • If you have an existing window that you’d like to be part of your shower or tub conversion, we can work around it as this is another one of our popular installations.
  • If you’re tired of bending over the side of your tub to be able to clean walls or the floor, consider the benefits of a walk-in shower because maintenance is much easier. What’s more, a walk-in shower without a door eliminates cleaning a shower door or curtain, which makes shower upkeep even simpler and less time-consuming.
  • If you prefer a walk-in shower but are concerned about privacy, consider installing a door with textured glass or glass that’s heavily tinted.
  • A walk-in tub can increase the resale value of your home, which is something to consider if you live in a retirement community.
  • Most realtors will tell you that you need at least one tub in your home so that’s it’s more marketable. This is mainly because a house without a tub may be a deal-breaker for families with small children.
  • Since many older New England colonial homes have small bathrooms, one of the best bathroom remodels is a corner shower as it can save space and make a bathroom look larger. As a result, the resale value of your home can increase because your new bathroom becomes more functional with an updated aesthetic appeal.
  • On the other hand, if you have a modern home, you may want to think about a walk-in shower conversion because this gives your home a more contemporary look. What’s more, it can result in increased resale value.

The Bottom Line

  • Both showers and tubs have advantages and disadvantages.
  • With the help of NEWPRO, you can customize your bathroom remodel project to reflect your unique style and design.

For all your home improvement needs, you can trust NEWPRO. As we are New England’s longest standing home improvement company, we have a proven reputation for delivering quality products and services for more than 74 years. In addition to bath remodels, we also install doors, windows, roofing and siding. Please contact us for a free quote for a bath installation in as little as just one day!

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