NEWPRO’s Winter Care Installation Process

Winter in New England doesn’t mean putting off your home improvement projects until the warmer days are back.

At NEWPRO, we get New England weather! So, we understand the hesitation of opening your home up to install new windows, doors, a bath or shower, new siding, or a new roofing system. With 75 years of experience living and working in the crazy highs and lows of the New England weather, we’ve perfected our Winter Installation Care Process.

Yes!- that means NEWPRO installs all winter long! Don’t feel stuck until spring with those drafty windows, aged roof, or outdated bathtub- we can help you regardless of Old Man Winter and the elements.

The Winter Care Installation Process

  1. First, our expert factory-trained installation team stages each project at our warehouse the day before to assess the upcoming installation date, weather, temperature, and other variables that will come into play during your installation.
  2. On your installation day, the lead installer will discuss your concerns and lay out the day’s plan, depending on your project.  Our goal is to complete the installation with as little disruption and exposure to the outdoor elements as possible.
  3. The team then stages the immediate area, and as needed, closes off other areas of the home, laying down thick drop cloths and covering or protecting any fragile areas of the home near the installation.

Product-Specific Installations

For window and door installations, to prevent heat loss as much as possible, only that immediate area is worked in until completion.

Room by room, we will remove the old windows or door, and immediately insert the new windows or doors, to reduce the cold weather penetration. Our expert installers are ready with all tools and materials necessary to complete that room in as little time as possible. Our team will then move on to the next room, re-addressing the new area, covering your floors, furnishings, and assessing any potential areas that might allow cold area and weather to penetrate your home.

NEWPRO’s custom patented windows are manufactured to fit perfectly within your existing construction – preventing energy loss. We finish the project with cutting-edge, best-in-the-industry components including WinTech thermal barrier insulation around your framework once they are in place to maximize energy efficiency and performance. Our team lives works, and plays in New England- we get it, we know New England weather and we know how much much weather plays a big role in the decision-making process. You don’t have to live with your old, drafty windows until spring, or put up with the broken sliding glass door any longer.

For bath and shower projects, our team sets up their workstation outside your home to stage as much material and accessories as possible to reduce the number of times they are opening and closing the doors to your home.

For roofing and siding projects, our installation team splits up into groups to maximize their time and efficiency. One group strips the home, and another group is immediately following up to add our energy-wall vapor barrier, insulation, and then removing any debris left behind by the 1st group. The groups work in sync with one another to reduce the time your home is exposed to the weather, minimizing the total energy loss.

For medium to large installs, NEWPRO asks that homeowners lower their thermostats for a short duration to prevent their heating systems from overworking and ultimately wasting their heat and money.

Call or schedule your appointment online with NEWPRO today to book your free, in-home consultation, receive a quote good for 1-year, and build your custom project with one of our design consultants!

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