Keep Your Home Cooler With Energy-Efficient Windows


Summer is a favorite time of year for many families, but this season can also put a big dent in the household budget. We don’t mean all those exciting trips and fun family vacations, either—we’re talking about the bare-minimum cost required to keep your home cool. If you’re looking for ways to reduce that sky-high energy bill this summer, check out these four simple tips!

Four Tips for a Cooler Home in the Summer

1. Close your blinds.

As the sun shines through your windows, it can create a greenhouse effect that warms the air and traps the heat inside your home. For windows that experience direct sunlight, consider fully or partially closing your blinds during the day—especially while the sun is at its peak.

2. Add blackout curtains.

For rooms with particularly strong sunlight (or rooms that don’t need natural light), it may be a good idea to invest in some high-quality blackout curtains. This heavy material won’t be right for every room or every window opening, but adding even a few blackout curtains can make a big difference in how much hot sunlight penetrates into your home.

3. Check for leaks in every door and window installation.

Sometimes the problem may have more to do with the window installation itself than the amount of sunlight shining in. To make sure your expensive AC isn’t going to waste, check each door and window opening for any vulnerabilities. Look especially carefully at:

  • Weatherstripping
  • Interior and exterior caulking
  • Frame joints
  • Areas where the door or sash meets the frame
  • If you can see sunlight peeking through any of these spots, that’s a good indication that your home’s weathertight seal has been broken. Add caulking or replace the feature as necessary to stop your climate-controlled air from escaping.

4. Upgrade to energy-efficient windows.

While the above-mentioned tips can certainly be helpful, they alone may not be enough to reduce your summer energy bills. In fact, if you have decades-old windows, the best choice will probably be to replace them altogether.

Here at NEWPRO, we offer two lines of premium energy-efficient windows:

NEWPRO MAX: Available in three different tiers, NEWPRO MAX windows feature multiple panes of glass, HeatSeal spacers, and ultra-insulating frames. They also come with four sophisticated hardwood frame options for just as much style as efficiency.

Infinity by Marvin: Built with Ultrex fiberglass frames, Infinity by Marvin windows prevent costly air leakage and also resist warping, cracking, contracting, and expanding. The weathertight seal is guaranteed even after years of exposure to the elements and sunlight.

By upgrading to more modern window replacements, you’ll be able to take advantage of advanced technology that better seals out sunlight and heat. As a result, you’ll be able to keep your home interior cooler throughout the hottest months—not just this summer but for many summers to come!

Get a Free Quote for Energy-Efficient Window Replacements Now

If you’re ready to beat the heat with a stylish and long-lasting window installation, reach out to NEWPRO today! We have more than 170 years of combined experience and would love to save you money on your summer energy consumption. Contact us by phone to explore our many energy-efficient windows, or submit our online form to request a free quote for your NEWPRO MAX or Infinity by Marvin window replacements now!

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