Is It Okay to Put a New Roof Over an Old One?

When your home’s roof starts to show its age and no longer provides the protection you want, it’s probably time to have a new roof installed. While you might think that means having the old roof torn off and replaced, another option is to have a new roof installed over the top of the existing one. However, is it a good idea? The answer to that question depends on a few circumstances:

Roof Type

Shingle Removal

Installing one roof over another – called a reroof – is only possible when your roof is made from asphalt shingles. Even then, however, it is only advisable when there is only one layer of shingles on your roof. Additionally, it may be tough to install new shingles over old shingles that have curled edges, or architectural shingles, which don’t lay flat like traditional 3-tab shingles.

Is the Current Roof Damaged?

Most contractors won’t consider adding another layer of shingles over a roof that is leaking. This is because many leaks originate from other parts of a roofing system – not the shingles. Possible culprits include wall flashing, roof vents, skylights, and more. Also, if the wood supporting your current roof has deteriorated, it will be necessary to tear off the existing shingles to make the necessary repairs before a new roof is installed.

What Are the Advantages of a Reroof?

Roof Installation

There are several valid reasons to consider having a reroof instead of a full roof replacement. One is cost, as a reroof saves on time, materials, and disposal fees. Another potential benefit is time savings, as a reroof will be completed much faster. There is also a much lower chance that the roofer will cause damage to your home or property, as a reroof is a less-involved process than a full roof replacement.

NEWPRO’s Roof Replacement Experts

Since 1945, NEWPRO has been providing home improvement services for homeowners throughout New England. If your home is due for a new roof, consider our Max-Protect Roofing System, which uses shingles that are heavier and more durable than those typically offered, making them ideal for the local climate.

If you would like to learn more, contact NEWPRO today.

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