How to Keep Windows Clean

Keeping your home’s windows clean can be a never-ending chore, especially when they’re subjected to frequent ice and snow by harsh New England winters. Dirty and streaked windows can not only hurt your home’s curb appeal but also affect your views of the surroundings. Additionally, windows that aren’t properly cared for are more likely to develop issues that can affect their overall performance and energy efficiency—not to mention their visual appeal. Therefore, it’s important that you clean your home’s windows whenever it’s needed.

Home Window Cleaning Tips

There are several proactive steps you can take to help keep your windows clean and avoid issues down the road. For starters, you must continue to clean your home’s windows during the winter months, as windows that are neglected during the winter may need to be repaired in the spring. However, you should avoid cleaning your windows on, especially frigid days, as warm water on a cold windowpane may cause it to crack.

NEWPRO Window Cleaning Spray

You should also:

  • Clean out dirt and salt from your windowsills and tracks before you clean the panes
  • Use a soft brush to remove accumulated ice and snow to avoid scratches
  • Avoid using extremely hot water that could cause the glass to shatter
  • Only use cleaning solutions that have been formulated specifically for windows so they don’t become streaked or clouded. Every NEWPRO homeowner is provided with a bottle of cleaning spray on installation day.

Are Your Windows Too Far Gone?

No matter how diligent you’ve been about cleaning, some windows are just too old and damaged to be saved. If you’re to the point where you’re ready to replace your home’s unattractive windows, look to NEWPRO. We’ve been providing home improvement solutions for New England homeowners since 1945 and offer three lines of high-performance windows to ensure that there’s something for every preference and budget.

Check out this recent window install video below, featuring NEWPRO windows that tilt in with ease, making cleaning a breeze!

Contact NEWPRO today if you’d like more information about the exceptional replacement windows we offer.

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