How to Clean KOHLER® LuxStone

Kohler cleaner being sprayed on a ragKOHLER® LuxStone shower walls are eye-catching and made from a blend of crushed stone that makes them stronger than many other bath and shower surfaces. They’re also popular because they’re remarkably easy to maintain. That’s because they don’t have grout lines where mildew can grow, and they come with advanced surface treatments that help them sparkle day after day.




If you’re one of the lucky homeowners who are experiencing all the benefits of having LuxStone walls in your bathroom, here are some easy steps you can follow to keep them looking brand new:

Gather What You’ll Need

You won’t have to invest in a bunch of cleaning products or scrub brushes for your LuxStone walls. In fact, the list of items you’ll need is unusually short.

It includes:

  • A damp sponge
  • A mild shower cleaner, such as KOHLER Tub & Shower Cleaner
  • A soft cloth

Daily Cleaning

Wiping down your shower after each use will help prevent water spots. It’s a simple process, just use your squeegee on the glass door and your soft cloth to wipe down the shower walls. This will help prevent soap deposits and lime buildup.

Occasional Deep Cleaning

Sporadic deep cleanings are also encouraged, though they will also require little time and effort. It is recommended that you start at the bottom of the LuxStone walls and work your way up, spraying an area with your shower cleaner and wiping the surface with a damp sponge. KOHLER Shower Cleaner safely cleans and removes soap scum, grease, lime, and other heavy soil from shower and tub surfaces.

You’ll also want to clean your drain, showerhead, and glass door, as well as any accessories, such as a Shower Barre or Floating Shelf.

KOHLER LuxStone Showers Installed Flawlessly for New England Homeowners

If you haven’t yet experienced the stress-free experience of having a bathroom outfitted with KOHLER LuxStone walls, look to NEWPRO. We offer comprehensive bathroom remodeling services to homeowners throughout New England and can complete many projects in as little as one day!




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