Healthcare Hero: Following Nomiki’s Journey

August 20th, 2020- Nomiki’s Bath Installation Day!




The NEWPRO team was so excited to be with Nomiki & Justin on their big day! One of our 5-star bath installers, Joe, installed a brand new bath, complete with beautiful KOHLER Luxstone walls. Nomiki was nominated by her husband Justin to receive the NEWPRO Healthcare Heroes gift of a free NEWPRO bath or shower remodel as our way of saying thank you! We are honored for the opportunity to bring some joy and relief back to Nomiki and her husband. We are truly grateful for Nomiki’s dedication to our community. Nomiki chose KOHLER Luxstone walls in the color ‘Calacatta Crema’, a shower head fixture in the color ‘Brushed Nickel’, and topped it off with floating shelves. We hope Nomiki & Justin enjoy their new shower/bath for many years to come!

Take a look at the incredible before & after photos below! 


  • healhcare hero vanessa mystery before photo


Healthcare Hero Q & A with Nomiki! 

NEWPROcares and the NEWPRO team continue the journey with Healthcare Hero #2!  On Wednesday, June 17th, the NEWPRO team arrived at Nomiki’s home in Stoughton, MA. She and her husband, Justin, greeted them at the door, and led them to her beautiful outdoor patio. Nomiki and Justin work opposite shifts, so having a night together was unusual. What was more unusual was that they were about to sit down and design the bath of their dreams and not have to pay a penny for it!

NEWPRO’s “ general sales manager, Pete, walked Nomiki & Justin through the presentation to show them all the available KOHLER Luxstone shower options from wall colors to faucets, to accessories and storageFrom the moment they made their first selection, it was clear that Nomiki & Justin, (who nominated his wife, Nomiki) were so honored to have been selected to receive the gift of a new shower. This was all that they dreamed of…and more! 

While designing their dream bath, we sat down with the couple to ask them more about their journey through the COVID crisis.  

Question: What made you decide to start a career in healthcare? 

Nomiki: My family is from Greece and healthcare over there is not as advanced as it is here in Boston. My cousin’s son needed a medical procedure done, so my parents helped her and her son come here to get the help they needed. Through that whole experience, I was exposed to hospitals and that’s when I knew that this was my calling. I was meant to help people. When I was in college, I volunteered at the Tufts Medical Center Emergency Room to figure out exactly what I wanted to do in healthcare. Now, I work there! I work on a regular floor, but the experience is just as humbling.  

Question: How has the COVID crisis impacted your life? 

Nomiki: Justin & I both work in healthcare and one of the scariest things about it is all the uncertainty. What if we were exposed to the virus at work? What if we are carrying the virus and don’t know it? We’ve done what we think is best and completely distanced ourselves from our friends and family. We just don’t want to take any chances right now. It is very difficult. My nieces & nephews should be here enjoying our pool. They are the ones I think I miss the most. They are so young; they don’t know the severity of the situation.  

Justin: We have not had face to face contact with anyone outside of our workThere are a lot of FaceTime calls. We come home and immediately jump into the showerThanks to NEWPRO, that shower is going to feel a lot better after a 12hour shift. 

Question: How does it feel to be getting a shower makeover from NEWPRO? How is it going to benefit you? 

Nomiki: This is truly unbelievable. I was thinking that there was going to be some sort of catch. My mom had seen the NEWPRO commercial mentioning the Healthcare Heroes program and told Justin that he should nominate me and just see what happens. Well, look what happened! 

Justin: At first, when I got the phone call from Marci, the vice president, she said ‘Hi Justin, this is Marci from NEWPRO. She tells me that we were chosen for the Healthcare Heroes program and I was just so surprised. A few weeks had gone by; I just assumed someone else had gotten the free makeover. This is such an incredible opportunity. We hadn’t started looking for contractors yet, but we always wanted to re-do our shower. We can’t wait to see it when it’s finished!








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