Healthcare Hero: Following Nichole’s Journey

Healthcare Hero Q & A with Nichole! 


On Thursday, August 27th, the NEWPRO team arrived at Nichole’s home in Weymouth, MA.

Nichole & Mike building their dream door with sales manager, Pete

Although Nichole received multiple nominations for a bath remodel, we learned that she had a bath that was already in great condition. In reviewing other future home improvement projects, Nichole mentioned that they were looking into eventually renovating their front entry door.

One of our general sales managers, Pete, walked Nichole and Mike through a presentation to show them all the available options from door colors to decorative glass and colored glass accents. They had no idea that there were so many beautiful options!

After designing their new front door, we sat down with the couple to ask them more about their lives and how this door will change their home.

Question: What does a typical day look like for you at the hospital?

Nichole: I work at Beth Israel Hospital in Plymouth, MA. From March to May, the hospital was very chaotic. Every single patient was a COVID-19 patient. When I would come home at the end of my shift, the first thing I did was jump in the shower to decontaminate myself.

Question: What are some problems you have with your current entry door?

Nichole’s current entry door

Nichole: Since our entry door is so old, it can be very drafty when it is cold outside. The paint on the exterior and interior of the door is chipping. Our current door is also very dirty and does not close onto the front of the house to create a full seal.

Question: How will this new entry door benefit you and your family?

Nichole: Our current entry door is hollow with steel plates. We just moved into this home at the beginning of March, before COVID-19 started ramping up. This new door will be a perfect step towards turning our new home into the home of our dreams! I am so excited to have been given this opportunity and cannot believe that I was lucky enough to have been picked.


Stay tuned for video & photos of Nichole’s door installation day! 


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