Healthcare Hero: Following Jerri Lynn’s Journey

Healthcare Hero Q & A with Jennifer! 

NEWPROcares and the NEWPRO team continue to spread joy with Healthcare Hero #4  Jerri Lynn Nordstrom.  Jennifer was nominated to receive a well-deserved bath remodel by her friend, Allison!  On Thursday, June 25th, the NEWPRO team arrived at Jerri Lynn’s home in Norfolk, MA. We were greeted by Jerri Lynn, Allison, and Jerri Lynn’s adorable dog, Ted. She could not wait to hear what NEWPRO had for options to replace her outdated tub!  

One of our general sales managers, Pete, walked Jerri Lynn through the presentation to show her all the available options from wall colors to faucets, to accessories. From the moment she made her first selection, it was clear that Jerri Lynn was already in love with her new shower 

While designing her dream shower, we sat down with Jerri Lynn to learn more about her journey through the COVID crisis.  


Question: Allison, how did you hear about our Healthcare Heroes program? 

 Allison: I saw one of the NEWPRO commercials. I couldn’t get to my computer fast enough; I knew right away that I had to nominate my good friend, Jerri Lynn. Our phone call 

with Marci, the VP of NEWPRO, was such a great surprise. 

Jerri Lynn: I was on a 3way call with Allison & Marci. When Marci said that I won a brand new shower, I was shocked. I called Allison separately after our 3way call and was like ‘Oh my gosh! What?!’ I just could not believe that this was happening.   

Left to Right: Allison, Jerri Lynn, and NEWPRO sales manager Pete

 Question: How has the COVID crisis impacted your life? 

Jerri Lynn: There are a lot of care facilities in the area near Norwood Hospital and a lot of the elderly residents were getting sick. It caused an overflow of patients and we had to create an overflow ICU. We had to change rooms that were not normally for urgent care into COVID-19 care rooms. All of the nurses have been able to get through this because of the great leadership at the hospital. They were tasked with making fast, sudden changes to save lives. As weird as it may sound, I’ve liked being a part of this. I’ve never seen anything like this in my career. This was my time to step up as a nurse and really make an impact.  

Question: What does a typical day look like once you come home from the hospital? 

Jerri Lynn: We used to wear our own scrubs, but then the hospital started issuing us scrubs. You arrive to the hospital in your own scrubs and then change into their scrubs. When your shift is over, you remove the hospital scrubs and discard them there before changing back into your own to drive home in. It is all for the safety of not just our patients, but the staff as well.  

Question: What are you looking forward to most about your new shower? 

Jerri Lynn’s current shower space

Jerri Lynn: I’ve always wanted to re-do my bathroom, but it was on a long list of home improvements. I just designed the shower of my dreams and it fits my aesthetics so well. It is going to be much easier to clean. I couldn’t ask for a better product in my home…everyone knows KOHLER! I am so blessed that I was able to choose from so many different wall options and accessories.  


Stay tuned for video & photos of Jerri Lynn’s shower installation day! 

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