Healthcare Hero: Following Jennifer’s Journey

Healthcare Hero Q & A with Jennifer! 

NEWPROcares and the NEWPRO team continue to spread joy with Healthcare Hero #3 – Jennifer Marciano. Jennifer was nominated to receive a welldeserved bath remodel by her biggest fanher aunt!  On Wednesday, June 24th, the NEWPRO team arrived at Jennifer’s home in Melrose, MA. We were greeted by Jennifer who showed the team into her home and led them to the bathroom that she and her two sons use dailyShe could not wait to hear what NEWPRO had for options to replace her outdated tub!  

Jennifer building her dream bath with NEWPRO sales representative, Nelson

One of NEWPRO’s expert design consultants, Nelson, walked Jennifer through the presentation and showed her all the available KOHLER Luxstone shower options from wall colors to faucets, to accessories and storageFrom the moment she made her first selection, it was clear that Jennifer was so grateful to receive the gift of a brandnew shower for her family! 

While designing her dream bath, we sat down with Jennifer to learn more about her journey through the COVID crisis.  

Question: How did you start working in the healthcare profession? 

Jennifer: I started out working as a medical assistant in a nursing home and fell in love with the job. From there, I went into the military. I was recruited to work in the surgical services. just loved the lifestyle that this job provided me with, which is why I continued working in healthcare after leaving the militaryIt is exhausting at times, but there is nothing else I could picture myself doing.  

Question: How has the COVID crisis impacted your life? 

JenniferWhen COVID-19 started to hit my hospital, it was scary. There was, and still is, so much unknown. The patients I saw at the start of this pandemic were some of the sickest patients I’d ever seen in my career. It was overwhelming; none of these patients could have friends or family visit them. I was their only contact, but I was a human covered in PPE, which is not nearly as comforting as a familiar face. I did not hesitate to distance myself from my kids. I have a finished basement, so I would come in through the back way and stay down there. I did this for the first few weeks of the crisis. It’s been hard on my kids. Their friends know what their mother does for a living, so they are extra

Jennifer’s current shower space

cautious. I don’t blame them; it’s a serious situation.  

Question: How does it feel to be getting a shower makeover from NEWPRO?  

Jennifer: It feels amazing! I was so surprised! One day, I was picking up some bonnets that she made for me to wear to work. She mentioned that she nominated me for some sort of shower makeover. I went about my day, not really thinking anything of it. Then, my aunt gets me on the phone with Marci, the VP of NEWPRO, to let me know that I had been one of 5 chosen healthcare heroes. I never imagined I would be chosen. My aunt is such an incredible person; I owe her! My current shower is so old and no matter how hard I scrub, it never looks clean. I can’t wait for my new shower!


Stay tuned for video & photos of Jennifer’s shower installation day!

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