7 Reasons Why Replacing Windows Isn’t a DIY Project

Being handy around the house can be a huge advantage if you’re a homeowner as it can mean saving money. Do you consider yourself a DIY (do-it-yourselfer)? By watching only a few online videos, maybe you’ve done everything from fixing toilets to even tile work.

But installing a replacement window requires more than just basic DIY skills. Do you need to replace one or more windows on your New England home? Here are seven reasons for hiring a seasoned professional for replacement window installations rather than attempting this job yourself.

  1. The Right Tools

Probably one of the main reasons for window replacement being so challenging for the average DIY is that specific tools are required, such as saws, measuring devices, woodworking gear and other equipment. Moreover, a replacement window installation entails superior craftsmanship and precise measuring so that windows seal and fit perfectly.

Buying specific tools that you only use once can be extremely expensive. As a result, you can spend more money on installation tools than what you would spend on hiring a professional contractor.

  1. Specialized Skills

To replace windows, you need to have the right skills because window replacement is much more complex than just installing insert replacement windows. For example, with an insert replacement window, you don’t have to replace the frame and trim of an existing window.

On the other hand, for a full-frame window replacement, you must completely remove an existing frame, which requires special skills. Along with being trained on how to do this procedure, experienced professional contractors know how to handle different situations because they’ve done them repeatedly.

  1. Higher Quality Work

A professional window installer can produce higher quality work, which can increase the resale value of your home when it comes time to sell it. In addition to offering aesthetic appeal, a professional job provides better functionality. Consider how you don’t have to worry about spending more money to repair problems that can arise from a sloppy installation.

  1. Customized Windows

When you try to install your own windows, you’re limited to what your local hardware store has in stock. Although this isn’t a problem for homeowners who want standard windows, it doesn’t work for those who prefer custom windows.

Most home improvement stores carry only new-construction windows instead of replacement windows. Consider how professional window contractors know how to modify windows so that they can go with the architecture of any home, besides include the right color and hardware finish.

  1. Insurance Coverage

Another reason for hiring a home improvement contractor is that professional window installers are insured. This means you’ll be compensated if something occurs on your property during the installation process. But if you do your own installing, you won’t be covered for damages that can mean having to pay for costly repairs.

  1. Shorter Installation Time

Before deciding to do your own replacement window installation, make sure you have the time that’s required. While ground-floor windows can take a lot of time, even more time is required for installing upper-floor windows.

Fortunately, professional window installers can do the job much quicker than a do-it-yourselfer because they have the needed tools, skills, training, and knowledge. In fact, we can do it in just one day.

  1. Manufacturer’s Warranty

When you do your own window installation, you stand a greater risk for problems. What’s more, you won’t be covered when something goes wrong since most window manufacturers don’t cover mistakes unless they’re done by a licensed contractor. But when you hire a professional to do the job, you can depend on a window manufacturer’s warranty. At NEWPRO, we have the best warranties in the business.

Other Considerations and Warnings 

  • A defective window installation can lead to problems, such as moisture leakages, heat loss, and drafts, among other issues.
  • When your windows are installed correctly, your energy bills can go down significantly.
  • A proper window installation can mean a reduction of noise level.
  • When it comes to energy savings, a professional New England window installer, such as NEWPRO, knows how to determine the best window options for your region. Be sure any company you’re considering uses the latest technology and developments in UV protection.

When you choose a highly skilled, trained and experienced New England home improvement company, you can enjoy peace of mind. You can depend on the most professional job possible when you hire NEWPRO. Rather than just looking at the windows you need replacing, we examine all your windows to ensure you aren’t missing other issues. Please contact us for a free quote that is good for a full year.

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