Jacuzzi Walk-In Bathtubs

For many homeowners, having an accessible bathroom is a basic necessity. High tub walls and slippery floors can create a hazardous situation for seniors and those with limited mobility, but that doesn't mean that your handicap-accessible bath shouldn't be a beautiful showpiece! NEWPRO is proud to offer Jacuzzi® walk-in bathtubs that provide an exceptionally safe bathing experience—without sacrificing on luxury and style! With a walk-in bathtub from Jacuzzi®, you can relax in the peaceful tranquility of a whirlpool tub and have peace of mind knowing that you've regained your bathing independence.

Why Choose a Jacuzzi® Walk-In Bathtub?

NEWPRO believe in offering only the highest-quality products to our customers, and our walk-in tubs are no exception. As the original whirlpool walk-in bath manufacturer, Jacuzzi® products perfectly blend science and style to give you the ultimate in accessible bathing. Experience the outstanding difference of a Jacuzzi® walk-in bathtub with its many benefits and innovative features:

  • Durable Construction: Using high-gloss acrylic that's built to last, these walk-in tubs will remain in top shape for decades to come. A dual-pin door locking system adds to the strength of these accessible baths and gives you a guaranteed leak-proof seal.
  • Hydrotherapy Relaxation: Soothe tired muscles, ease aching joints, and experience pure relaxation from the precision whirlpool functions of Jacuzzi® walk-in bathtubs! We offer a variety of models that provide everything from calm bathing to specifically directed air jet massage.
  • Safety You Can Depend On: Slip-resistant flooring, grab bars, ergonomically correct seating, and easy-to-use controls eliminate the dangers of bathing and provide you with the safety and security you've been searching for.
  • Precise Installation: Jacuzzi® tubs are designed to fit in the footprint of standard bathtubs, making installation a breeze. High-quality skirt panels on your new walk-in bath provide easy access to plumbing and other equipment.

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