NEWPRO Replacement Window – Double hung window

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Shop Double hung windows feature two window sashes that both open for multiple ventilation options and easy window use. You’ll be amazed at its smooth effortless operation. Quality hardware and advanced design of are replacement Double Hung window. NEWPRO WINDOWS smart answer to a traditional favorite.

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Replacement Window Features

  • Both upper and lower sash operate
  • Easy tilt feature makes cleaning simple
  • Available in Standard, Cottage, Oriel or Custom styles
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    Effortless operation

    Easy Tilt Operation Our Double Hung window is amazingly simple to operate, and both upper and lower sash tilt into the room for easy cleaning.

    NewPro window replacement

    Window Configurations

    NEWPRO Double Hung windows come in various styles. Sash of different proportions in one unit are commonly called Cottage and Oriel style Double Hung windows