Constant Force Balance System

NEWPRO announces its new Constant Force Balance System for hassle-free window operation. For those of you who aren’t sure, a balance holds up the sash units on single and double hung windows, helping to control the force needed to raise and lower the window.    The new system allows reduced operating force, smoother and near silent operation as well as cleaner windows by blocking dust and air filtration with the spring housing that is set in the jamb pocket.  NEWPRO’s new balance system works wonders. Not only are they consistently maintenance-free, they are absolutely effortless to open and close. Wrestling to open your window for some fresh air is now an event of the past. You will not believe how easy NEWPRO has made it to slide a window up and down. Constant Force Balance System – just another great better to best feature of the NEWPRO window!  Be sure to take advantage of NEWPRO windows constructed with the Constant Force Balance System and instantly feel the difference!