NEWPRO Frequently asked questions Bathwraps

NEWPRO installs one-day bathroom project called Bathwraps. NEWPRO use premium tubs, showers, walk-in tubs, and tub-to-shower conversions. NEWPRO offer a wide variety of styles, colors, options, and accessories you want. Read some of are NEWPRO Frequently asked questions to get a better idea about are Bathwraps.

rm6_model_ls2_hiQ. My tub bumps out in the front, can you line it?
A. We can accommodate nearly all tub styles. The factory can form the front of your liner with a “bump” or a smooth curve, a sculpted curve, etc. We cannot, however, line claw-foot bathtubs. Early tubs deviate from one another so much that a liner that fits one tub may not fit another of the exact style.

Q. I have a custom-sized ceramic tile shower. Can you install a shower basin liner?
A. Yes; our replacement bathtubs and basins as well as our bathtub and shower basin liners are fully customized to accommodate your current or created space.

Q. How long before the color yellows and the gloss starts to dull?
A. The color and gloss are cast throughout our acrylic. It is UV stable and will not yellow. Its beautiful shine lasts for decades as long as abrasive cleaners are not used on it.

Q. How do you install it so fast?
A. We use our own trusted staff, not unreliable subcontractors. They fully understand our one-of-a-kind systemized process so they complete jobs quickly. And, by using acrylic liners, or replacement tubs and shower basins that are designed to use your existing plumbing, we save an average of 30 labor hours per job. Our installers are factory trained and certified.

Q. How long will a tub liner last?
A. Acrylic has a life expectancy of 25-30 years. With proper care it will keep it’s high gloss luster indefinitely and it will not chip, crack, peel or fade.

Q. Why not just repair or refinish my bathtub?
A. This may look fine for a while but repeat applications are needed every one to three years due to cracking, peeling or discoloration You also will not receive the superior qualities of an acrylic tubliner, ease of maintenance, warranty, warmth to the touch and beautiful luster.

Q. What is a bathtub liner?
A. A bath liner is a new 3/8 inch thick bath tub that is custom-molded to fit right over your old bath tub. We come to your house and take a few measurements along with photos of your existing cast iron or steel bath tub. We enter these measurements into a tub identification program to determine which mold is the exact fit. Then, a sheet of acrylic is thermal-formed to fit your old tub like a glove.

Q. Can you do the same to my shower?
A. Yes. We form an acrylic shower floor liner to your floor measurements and install it over your existing tile, concrete or terrazzo base.

Q. What about ceramic walls?
A. We install an acrylic wall system right over existing ceramic tile walls that goes from the floor to the ceiling with a bull-nose on the front edge of the two side walls for a finished appearance. We finish with a special silicone sealant forced into the seams that is color-matched to the walls. The sealant used is mildew resistant.

Q. Is it easy to clean?
A. Yes! Acrylic is non-porous so it cannot mold or mildew. You will never have to scrub your bath again. You can use most non-abrasive cleaners as long as they don’t contain ammonium. We like to use bleach, water, Kaboom, or Zep.